Luisito Samra

Fashion Panda is pleased to introduce Luisito Samra, the skin care blog writer specializing in hair, eyebrows, lashes, and nails. With a passion for all things beauty, Luisito is dedicated to helping his readers achieve their best possible appearance through the latest and greatest in hair, eyebrow, lash, and nail care. As a writer for Fashion Panda, Luisito brings his in-depth knowledge and expertise to the table. From the latest hair care products to tips for maintaining healthy, strong nails, he covers it all. With a focus on providing reliable, up-to-date information that is backed by scientific research and expert opinions, Fashion Panda readers can trust that they are getting the best possible advice. Luisito also understands that everyone's skin, hair, and nails are different, and works to offer a range of solutions and recommendations to suit every need.

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