Lash Lift Vs. Lash Perm: Which One Is Better?

It has been common to hear, even from expert cosmetic experts or stylists, that lash lifting differs from lash perming. When applying lash lifting, new items must be used because it is then something entirely different or superior. So what distinguishes lash lifting from lash perming? The difference in the products utilized in these two methods is negligible. Thus the solution is clear.

What are lash lifts and lash perms?

Lash lifts and lash perms are both beauty treatments that can give your lashes a more curled, lifted look. Lash lifts use a silicone rod to curl your lashes upwards, while lash perms use a perm solution and plastic rods to curl your lashes in a C-shape. Both treatments typically last for around 6-8 weeks.

So, which treatment is better? Lash lifts tend to be less damaging to your lashes and give you a more natural-looking lift. On the other hand, lash perms may give you longer-lasting results and can be customized to create different types of curls (e.g., tighter or looser). Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

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 How lash lift and lash perm is done?

There are two main types of lash treatments: lash lifts and lash perms. Both of these treatments give the appearance of longer, fuller lashes, but there are some critical differences between the two.


A lash lift is a procedure that helps give your lashes a natural-looking curl. The process involves placing your lashes on silicone pads and using a curling wand to lift them. This gives your lashes a more youthful appearance and can make them appear longer and fuller.

A lash perm is similar to a lash lift in that it also helps give your lashes a natural-looking curl. However, the process for a perm involves using rollers to curl your lashes, which can give them a more artificial look. Perming your lashes can also cause them to become dry and brittle over time, so it’s essential to be mindful of how often you perm them.

So, which is better? Lash lifts or lash perms? Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Lash lifts and lash perms have pros and cons due to personal preference.

Lash lifts involve adhering silicone pads to the eyelids and then using a chemical solution to break down the bonds in the lashes, resulting in them appearing longer and more lifted. The main downside to lash lifts is that they can be pretty harsh on the lashes and may cause them to become brittle and break off.

On the other hand, lash perms use chemicals to curl the lashes permanently. This results in a more natural-looking curl that lasts much longer than you would get from an eyelash curler. However, lash perms can also be quite harsh on the lashes and may cause them to become dry and brittle.

Difference between Lash Lift and Perm

Difference between Lash Lift and Perm

1-Rods VS Silicone Forms

The equipment utilized differs significantly between a lash lift and a lash perm.

Curved silicone forms in various diameters are used for lash lifts. The lashes are given a “lift” and a natural curl thanks to the flatter curve of these forms.

On the other side, calendric rods are used during lash perm operations. These are also available in various sizes. Usually, curls produced by rods are tighter and more pronounced.


During lash lifts, the lifting solution is often only given to the roots, or bottom third, of the lashes. As a result, there is less chance of over-processing the lashes. A lash technician may apply the lifting solution to the remaining lashes for a brief time if the lashes are excessively thick or unruly following the last lash lift or perm.

3-Lash Conditioning Treatments

A lash conditioning treatment is often offered as part of lash lift services. Similar to utilizing a deep conditioning hair mask, this goal is to make your lashes look as healthy as possible.

Near the conclusion of the service, eyelash conditioning serums are typically used. They contain additional nourishing components, including keratin, peptides, and heavy oils.

It is not customary for lash perm procedures to incorporate a nourishing process.


The contrast between a lash lift and a lash perm is pretty apparent. As the lashes are “lifted” from the roots during a lash lift, they become perkier, making them more awake. Compared to lash perms, the curl is softer and more natural. Overall, the lashes appear strong, glossy, and silky.

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Lash Lift Vs. Lash Perm: Which One Is Better?

Both lash lifts and lash perms have advantages.

It would be best to examine a few factors, including your desired outcomes and the length and texture of your lashes while choosing the ideal solution.

Do you want to make your lashes look better, or do you want to give them more curl?

A lash perm might be a fantastic choice if your main objective is to give your lashes more curl and you have hooded eyes.

Utilizing the length of your lashes, this procedure can give you a long-lasting curl. A perm is probably not a good idea for those with shorter lashes or eyelashes that are already curled.

With a lash lift, you’ll be boosting your lashes from the root, which can make your lashes look like they are longer and thicker. 

This is a versatile treatment that’s suitable for most lash types. Since there are different types of lash lifts, you can choose a treatment that’s right for your eyelashes. 

Ultimately, a lash lift is likely the best option for most people, but a lash perm is still a procedure worth considering. 

Since the treatments tend to have similar costs, it’s best to check in with local salons that offer these treatments to learn more about your options. 

Make sure you look at before and after pictures of people that have had this treatment so that you can see what your results are likely to be.


A lash lift is the better option if you are looking for a more natural look. This is because a lash lift lifts your lashes from the root, giving them a more natural appearance. On the other hand, if you are looking for a dramatic look, then a lash perm is the better option. This is because a lash perm will curl your lashes, giving them a more dramatic appearance.

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