Ombre Brows Healing Stages

The Ombre brow trend is growing in popularity and for a good reason. This look is about subtle shading that gives the appearance of fuller, more natural-looking eyebrows. In this article, we will discuss Ombre Brows Healing Stages. Click here to check this out!

The healing process for Ombre brows, day by day

Ombre brows have quickly become a popular beauty trend over the past few years, but achieving the desired look can be time-consuming and sometimes result in unwanted side effects. In this article, we will discuss the healing process for Ombre brows daily.

Stage 1: Days 1-2(Dark and swollen)

If you’re one of the unfortunate people who got their eyebrows done with powder, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people experience dark and swollen eyebrows 1 to 2 days after treatment, but it’s not the result of an allergic reaction. Instead, the swelling is caused by the numbing agent used in the procedure. It will go down within a few days, and your eyebrows will look normal again.

Stage 2: Days 3-4 (Red and Itchy)

Though a little color fading will occur, the appearance is still far from finished. Your brows have only begun to recover. They’ll likely still be red and itchy, but if you’re concerned, get in touch with your artist and give them images so they can ensure nothing is wrong.

healing process for Ombre brows
The healing process for Ombre brows

Stage 3: Days 5-7 (powder brows scabbing)

The tedious powder brow scabbing phase begins. It’s natural for some people’s powder brows to scab more than others because everyone heals differently. While some itching is also natural, you cannot irritate your brows. You run the risk of damaging the treatment’s outcomes. Allow the scabs to fall off naturally. While some scabbing is common, you should get in touch with your powder artist.

Stage 4: Days 8-10 (patchy and too light)

Your eyebrows may now seem uneven and overly light since the scabbing period is over. Do not panic and assume that your powdered eyebrows have vanished! They appear too light because your skin develops new, lighter-toned skin layers over the pigment. The touch-up will remove any tricky spots and restore the color.

Stage 5: Days 11-28(not healed yet, just get shaped)

The most challenging stage of your powder brows recovery is over. Even if your eyebrows haven’t yet assumed their ultimate shape, you may now relax more. You can resume your routine and put on makeup. Still, avoid activities that make you sweat a lot and limit your time in the sun.

Stage 6: Days 28-42 (powder eyebrows are healed completely)

Your powder brows have fully recovered. Even though they will probably look fantastic far earlier than this, you still need to obtain the initial touch-up. The initial touch-up is required. Its goal is to modify everything you’re not happy with and to correct all the flaws.

 How to style your Ombre brows post-healing

If you’ve ever dyed your hair Ombre, you know the struggle of keeping your brows in line with the new color. Ombre brows can be challenging to style, but with a few tips and tricks, they can look amazing! Here are a few ways to style your Ombre brows post-healing:

1. Use a light hand when shaping your brows. Over-tweezing can lead to patchy or uneven brows, so be gentle when shaping them.

2. Fill in any sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil or powder. This will help to create a more uniform look and make your eyebrows appear fuller.

3. Use an eye shadow brush to apply a light layer of powder over your entire eyebrow.

 What to avoid while your brows are healing

Your brows are finally on the mend, but there are a few things you should avoid to make sure they heal properly and look their best. Here are four things to avoid while your brows are healing:

 The first thing you want to do is put on some antibiotic ointment. This will help prevent infection and speed up the healing process. Then, let them heal without touching them for a few days. 

1. Don’t pick at them! This is probably the most important thing to remember. Picking at your brows can cause them to become infected and delay healing.

2. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or cosmetics on them. This includes anything with alcohol or fragrance in it.

3. Don’t go swimming or get them wet. This can also delay the healing process.

4. Don’t sunbathe or use a tanning bed. The first thing you want to do is put on some antibiotic ointment. This will help prevent infection and speed up the healing process. Then, let them heal without touching them for a few days.

How to fix any mistakes made during the Ombre brow process

When it comes to the Ombre brow process, there is a lot of room for error. If you don’t get the gradient right, your brows can look choppy and unprofessional. This article will show you how to fix any mistakes made during the Ombre brow process.

The first step is to identify the issue. Once you have identified the issue, take a small brush and fill the area with a light-colored eyebrow pencil. Next, use a blending brush to blend out the color. If needed, you can also use a concealer to cover up any mistakes.

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When can I wash my face after powder brows?

When you get your eyebrows done with powder, the technician will likely tell you not to wash your face for 24 hours. This is because the adhesive needs some time to set, and if you were to wash your face, it could loosen the pigment and cause it to smudge. However, you can do a few things in the meantime to ensure your brows look their best.


The powder brow healing process can be emotionally demanding, but knowing what to expect and preparing yourself for what’s coming will be a piece of cake. Also, if you are lucky, it might be fast and easy. Follow your artist’s aftercare instructions and book regular touch-ups to have great powder brows for as long as possible.

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